Sunday, 17 June 2012

Activity 8 – Adult learning theory

The learning theories that I have become attached to since I studied the Gaining Foundation Skills in teaching and learning back in 2010, is Deep Learning theory (Biggs, 2003).

Key points of this theory are:

Understanding via learning the key concepts.

How to connect them in a wider sense.

Utilizing prior knowledge and experience alongside teaching.

Importance of critique and logic.

As I come from a professional background of Social Service work, this theory appeals to me as it encourages reflection, shared experiences and how this can be related to teaching content.  

My specialist area in education has a strong focus on teaching students the skills to think deeper, to be analytical and to reflect upon ways to improve practice – to create best practice.


  1. I am not(yet)familiar with Deep Learning Theory Lisa, but anything that encourages students to reflect on their learning and experiences must be a powerful tool. Looking forward to learning more. Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa do you have a full reference for Biggs (2003)? How do the strategies you have chosen in your Flexible Learning plan encourage deep learning? It would be good to hear why moving students from surface to deep learning is better?