Sunday, 17 June 2012

Activity 10 – Sustainable Learning

I love the concept of sustainability and we teach it in the Certificate in Human Services and have it embedded within each course.

Specifically we have a Reflective Journal piece where students reflect upon what economic, social, environmental sustainability is – then they are asked to define how they would work sustainably with clients.

The one key aspect I like to strongly emphasize is - how will they take care of themselves while they are studying, working etc. 

The following are some of the key themes I discuss throughout the course in relation to sustainability & strategies that are used to keep the course sustainable.
      Self-care – how will you prioritise this while studying (if you are unwell in any sense how will you be able to support others). What will you do to around self-care so you are energised and keep your stress levels lowered.  This one in particular links into our Health and Safety course.
      Time management – have you set up a study plan, set personal goals so that family/whanau and or work do not suffer.  Setting up strategies to handle placement.
       Encourage peer support in and outside of class.
       Provide 1-1 support with our teaching assistant for those students that are struggling
       Group work in class and some assessments completed in class time.
       Diverse use of activities.

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  1. Some great ideas here about the topic of sustainability and it looks like you use lots of strategies to ensure the students' learning experience is sustainable.

    What you haven't explained is why the strategies are sustainable. For example, why is peer support and group work in class making the learning experience more sustainable for you as a teacher and for the students?