Sunday, 22 April 2012

Second Post to Activity Three

Annie Huntington
Certificate in Human Services

How do you incorporate flexible learning into your teaching?

Use of ICT (e.g. Moodle books) to provide structured packages of learning, which can be used with and by students in different ways. Students offered range of opportunities (in class and outside) to explore core and supplemental reading and tasks to inform completion of their assessments.

Who are your students? (i.e. Certs, BSS Y1,2 &3)


How do you plan and set up the following for your courses
·         Time
As per timetable circulated by course manager.
·         Delivery
As agreed at course planning meetings.  
·         Logistics
Not quite sure what this means. Logistics (for me) have been around time required to develop on line resources. This includes developing content and skills associated with using technology (Moodle).
·         Entry Requirement
Course manager co-ordinates this.
·         Content
Appropriate to meet performance criteria as specified.
·         Instructional Approaches & Resources
Learning to learn embedded into course. Support to facilitate knowledge and skill development to support learner progress. 

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  1. Lisa that was a good idea to get email responses from your colleagues. What did you learn from their responses regarding flexible learning?