Monday, 5 March 2012

Hi All,

For those of you I have not met yet I work as a Lecturer and Placement Coordinator in the School of Social Services.

I am currently in my fourth year at tech and I love the challenge that each new group of students bring.  I teach predominantly on the Cert in Human Services, but I have been known to pop up and teach in the BSS at times.

Originally from Invercargill, but Dunedin has been home to my Husband Glenn and I since 1998.



  1. Hello Lisa
    Great to have you in the course. You are very brave posting your photo in the profile - it takes some people quite a while to get the courage to do that. You may want to add more information about your professional life in the profile. It can be very useful for networking.

    What are your goals for introducing flexible learning into your teaching?

  2. Hi Lisa, nice to see you meet the first challenge of setting up your blog. I was going to ask...what do you want to learn from this course, but I see Bron has beaten me to it. So I'll add...have you done a stock take of where you are at the moment before you think of where you want to go?