Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I am currently working on my plan for flexible learning and will post it up when it up in the next few days.

ACTIVITY 5:  Designing Strategies for Flexible Learning.

  • This should be kept updated to reflect what is happening in society at a local, national and international level.
  • It should be written in plain English so that it is easy to understand as we have vastly differing abilities in our student groups.
  • Reviewing content, prior planning with team members, if the course is unit standard based ensuring that the content meets the standards set.
  • Assessment pre and post moderation is important.
  • Lesson plan is structured to break up information/theory with practical activities.
  • Utilizing student course feedback to evaluate changes to course assessments and material where possible.

  • Keep it focused on the material for each session.
  • Activities should be used as tools, I use them in a way that students can use them in professional practice, I explain how they can use them in different contexts and that everything we teach on course is a tool that they can take away.
  • They should be inclusive of different learning styles, be reflective, have students respond to how the activity was and how it relates to working with client groups.
  • increase independent thought, class discussion.
  • They should be well set out and material should be prepared ahead of time.
  • Clear explanation of the activity.

  • Encourage class discussion and the sharing of thoughts and ideas.
  • Lecturer needs to be clear about process, I use an online agenda so students are aware of what is going to happen for the session, this is time bound as well.
  • Unlocking course material at the start of each week so students can access it before class.
  • Having set office hours to meet with students, keep them informed of any changes occurring, answer/reply to emails, calls or online forums.  
  • Keep students regularly informed of their progress.
  • Open and transparent - including with team members when we have our fortnightly meeting to discuss students and course concerns - informing students openly about our policies, procedures and processes.

  • Planning days with certificate staff team are vital, it allows us to look at each course and the assessments attached in more detail.
  • The connections between each course, where will essays go, workbook tasks, in class assessments, individual assessments, group assessments, fieldwork portfolios, presentations.
  • Checking the criteria on marking schedules that it meets the learning outcomes, aims and course content.
  • Pre and post moderation of course books internally and also attending external moderation meetings with the aim of ensuring our assessments meet unit standard criteria and that they are fair.